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15 ways to get rid of laziness and the habit of procrastinating work

How to Eliminate Laziness 

Laziness can hinder the activities you do. This condition can then trigger a lazy habit of moving which can have an impact on various health problems. Then, how to get rid of this lazy feeling?

In general, lazy people can also be interpreted as a habit of not doing activities that they can actually do. Laziness can occur for a number of reasons, such as unrealistic targets, the desire to get the perfect result, or not planning.

Some researchers from the University of Oxford themselves say that laziness is heavily influenced by various biological factors, not only from psychological factors. To be able to find this out, researchers then carried out various magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and examined brain activity that affects motivation and laziness in a person.

When someone decides to do something, parts of the brain's premotor cortex then tend to fire before other points in the brain that control movement become active. On the other hand, in lazy people, the premotor cortex then doesn't turn on due to lost connections. The researchers themselves suspect that the brain connections linking “decisions to do something” to actual actions are less effective in lazy people.

The brain of lazy people has to work harder in order to turn decisions into real actions. This obviously requires more energy. The research team from neurology Masud Husain from the University of Oxford. A separate study in the journal Cerebral Cortex (2015) later found that dopamine levels in a person's brain will have an impact on their motivation to do something.

Hard workers themselves generally have high levels of dopamine. Meanwhile, low hormone levels will immediately experience a decrease in motivation. The following are various ways to get rid of laziness that can be tried to increase one's productivity.

How to Eliminate Laziness and Delay Work.

1. First determine the target you want to achieve

Laziness is generally caused by a person's lack of motivation to do something. This can be overcome by first setting goals and targets. However, unrealistic targets will usually overwhelm you.

This will then extinguish the enthusiasm and desire to complete the activity. Therefore try to always set targets that are smaller than what you can achieve according to your abilities. This in itself is believed to be one way to fight laziness.

2. Avoid Perfectionism

A Psychological Bulletin analysis reveals that a person who has experienced increased perfectionism over a long period of time. A work environment that demands perfection also makes young people more competitive. This also causes them to become more critical of themselves.

In fact, it is not uncommon for this attitude of perfectionism to cause high levels of laziness and depression. Therefore stop expecting too high during activities. Avoid aiming for perfection because it will extinguish enthusiasm when encountering problems that never end.

3. Arrange the activities carried out

One way to get rid of laziness is to make a plan. In achieving the target, the plan is no less important than passion and intention. By being realistic someone will then see the ability and time they have is very important in achieving the target. Developing a plan will also provide direction and increase confidence, especially in the face of obstacles in the process.

4. Respect the Process

If you have succeeded in achieving small targets in realizing the plan, appreciate the effort by celebrating it. These methods can also help increase one's motivation and be able to fight laziness and make long-term plans a reality.

For example, when you achieve satisfactory test scores, be happy with positive things, such as by eating good food. This will also make you excited to achieve even bigger goals.

5. Ask Others for Help.

Another way to get rid of laziness is to ask for help. Asking for help does not mean you are weak, but rather as an effort to achieve various successes and receive input from others.

For example, asking a colleague for help may actually be important in building relationships and increasing motivation. In addition, seeing results from another person's point of view will also improve performance.

6. Fulfill Food Intake.

Fulfill food intake or energy sources. Lifestyle improvements will also be very influential in fighting laziness. You can start by choosing energy-rich and nutritious food intake. Consumption of foods that are high in protein itself can then increase energy and maintain blood sugar levels in a stable state.

This will also raise enthusiasm for activities every day. Some of these intakes include chicken breast, beef, eggs, milk, cheese, tofu, yogurt, bananas and tempeh. In addition, also avoid high-fat and sugar food intake, because these types of food are digested longer and can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels.

7. Sports

Walking will help you lose weight without realizing it. By exercising regularly, it can also be an effective way to get rid of feeling lazy. It is very beneficial in improving mood, increasing energy, reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

I also take a few minutes a day to exercise, for example, cycling or walking to fight the laziness. To be able to eliminate laziness itself must come from within. If you lack motivation and don't try, of course any job won't be done well. Therefore, try to keep your spirits up so that you stay focused and your enthusiasm doesn't go down in each process.

8. Find Out the Cause

Laziness often comes and is difficult to contain. If you experience it, you should find out immediately what caused it. Take your time for self-introspection so that you understand well what factors trigger your laziness. Feeling overwhelmed, tired, and afraid may be the cause behind your low motivation to do activities. You can also start this process by recording daily activities that you often do, at least for 1 week.

This activity will also make it easier for you to detect various activities and find patterns that might be gaps in your laziness. If you feel lazy because you are tired, take a break and then focus on relaxing more. If the cause of your overwhelm is due to the large number of tasks, it's best to take a step back and rearrange your priorities and then tackle one at a time.

9. Work from the Easiest

Make a list of jobs starting from the easiest to do when you first start working. Doing work starting from the difficult one will certainly take a lot of time and longer thoughts. This will then make you feel exhausted after you finish working on it.

By doing the easy work first then you will be able to control your mood so you can work consistently. The tasks you have completed before will increase your motivation to be able to complete the entire to-do list. This can then be done to get rid of laziness in doing something.

10. Positive Thinking

Negative thoughts are big enemies that must be eradicated. Laziness itself often leads to feelings of guilt and pessimism because then one can feel like a failure and produce nothing.

Therefore, find out how to get rid of negative thoughts and then create positive thinking by encouraging yourself that you can finish a job today too. Avoid procrastinating work that you can do from now on.

11. Set Schedule

By setting a schedule, will eliminate the lazing gap, set the daily routine. Make a habit of taking notes so you can be more disciplined and organized.

If necessary, give yourself time limits and deadlines in completing an activity or job. Not only limited to routines in the office, but also in various personal activities. For example, the time you spend browsing social media or a movie marathon on Netflix.

12. Arrange Priority Scale

If you have to complete a lot of tasks, you should immediately set priorities to then share your time as best you can. Make a list of tasks that you need to do, then also estimate the time you will spend on each of these tasks.

You can also do light tasks in the shortest possible time, before finally moving on to heavier work with a longer completion time. If these tasks then feel too heavy, divide the task into several parts. After that you can complete it gradually so you don't get overwhelmed and your time is used effectively.

Besides making you more efficient, completing tasks can also give you satisfaction. You will also be more motivated because you have succeeded in achieving the goals that you created for yourself.

13. Avoid Complaining Too Much

Most people will feel that their job is not suitable for them or even not part of their dream profession. This assumption will often erode enthusiasm and become a source of laziness.

 If the experience then hit you, avoid prolonged complaining about annoying things at your job and learn to be more grateful. You could also start by noting the benefits you get from your job or the company or the parts of your job that you really enjoy.

14. Give Rewards For Various Self-Achievements

One way to get rid of laziness is by giving yourself credit. Because, when you are waiting for something you can then stop feeling lazy from the start. Indirectly this will also motivate yourself to focus on what you do for the reward.

There are many ways to show self-appreciation for the jobs you do well. Also set goals and set rewards accordingly. For example, by giving a day to rest and take a vacation every big project you successfully complete.

Overcoming laziness is certainly not easy. But it takes discipline and continuous process or effort so you can always drive it away. Also remember how to get rid of lazy work, you have to start from yourself!

15. Set a 10 Minute Alarm

One way to get rid of laziness is to determine a short period of time to do something. The trick is to set an alarm for 10 minutes and then see how much you can complete in that time.

Setting this alarm will motivate you to continue what you are doing after the timer goes off. Make a deal with yourself that even if you don't like doing the task, you will still do it 10 minutes later. Once you've done it, you won't be tempted to stop.

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